What We Do

As a smaller, more agile firm, BG Capital Group is best positioned to take advantage of hard to find market opportunities. Our vast network of business contacts and relationships throughout North America and around the world provide the starting point. But even more importantly is the management expertise we dedicate to each venture. This includes over 20 years of investor relations experience, as well as in-depth marketing and financial management. It's the kind of support that many venture capital and private equity firms promise, but few deliver as effectively as BG Capital Group.

Our contacts with institutional investors, e.g. venture capital funds, pension funds, commercial finance companies, insurance companies and commercial banks, as well as numerous private investors, allows us to secure favorable equity financing for our clients through a private placement approach.

We are also able to utilize private placements of debt securities, subordinated debt, mezzanine debt, and convertible debt. This market represents a viable alternative to public debt financing. Our specialists have substantial experience in the private placement market with a large number of institutional sources nationwide.

If you are considering acquiring a business or merging with another firm, BG Capital Group's in-house specialists have valuable experience navigating the merger and acquisition process. By assisting in valuing the business and negotiating the purchase or merger terms, we are able to fulfill our commitment to obtaining the maximum value for our clients. We perform an in-depth analysis on the potential target and design a method of approach with a financing package. 

BG Capital Group's staff is versed in the necessary disclosure documents required by federal and state regulatory agencies in the licensing process. We provide all services from consulting to the complete preparation of the entire licensing package. Our firm has numerous contacts in a large number of states and major metropolitan areas, which will aid in selling our clients' licensing package.