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Armed with high-powered marketing savvy and a penchant for picking winners, Bobby Genovese brought his winning touch in the boardroom to the polo fields where he built one of North America's top-ranked teams.

The brainchild behind BG Capital Group, a successful business consolidator and investment firm with its head office in Nassau, Bahamas and affiliated offices in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and St. Michael, Barbados, Genovese has enjoyed great success on the polo field where he teamed up with world-class Argentine polo veteran Marcos Bignoli who schooled him in the sport. Genovese's natural athleticism and affinity for the game led the duo to found Vancouver International Polo in 1996, which has been on a winning streak since debuting at Royal Palm Polo in Boca Raton, Florida as the club's first new medium- and high-goal team in more than 20 years.

Even more remarkable is the talent of Genovese himself. Although an accomplished equestrian, he wasn't introduced to the sport until 1995 when he took his first lesson. Much to the surprise and delight of both teacher and student, Genovese proved to be a natural.

In its first year, Vancouver International Polo competed in the club's 22-goal Sunshine League and the 14-goal Hartman League-two of the country's most respected and competitive high and medium-goal tournaments-and went on to win the latter with a perfect 4-0 record. It was an unprecedented feat for a start-up team in the club's 25-year history.